Student jobs – one of the less appealing sides to university life, but sometimes necessary. As you seek to develop skills on your quest for a prosperous future, part-time jobs become a vital part of your life. Not only do they give you financial stability; but they provide you with the opportunity to gain experience in the workplace – an attractive quality for employers.  

But what jobs are available to students? Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of the 6 best student jobs in the UK.  

Where do you find student jobs?

Firstly, you might ask where do you find these student jobs? Plenty of recruitment websites list part-time jobs ideal for students. Regularly browsing these sites will benefit you when searching for a new job. Here’s our pick of the best online job recruiters:

  • Reed
  • Monster Jobs
  • Indeed
  • Save the Student

 Online Survey Participant

Online surveys are becoming more common with a growing demand for information on consumer habits and trends. But how do they work? Essentially, you sit in the comfort of your own home and answer questions from your computer. Yes, it’s really that simple!   


  • Work from home
  • Flexible working hours


  • Might be paid in vouchers rather than cash
  • Scams are common with registration fees


Working in a bar is one of the most common student jobs. Pouring pints all day and night might sound boring but in fact it can be one of the most social jobs around.


  • Sociable atmosphere
  • Most of your co-workers will be students or young adults
  • Benefits of the job – tips, free drinks


  • Long and anti-social hours
  • Usually involves working weekends
  • Rude customers


Retail work is popular with students. In most towns and cities, you’ll find a variety of shops selling everything from clothes to homeware – so naturally, they’ll be a range of jobs available in this sector.


  • Discounts on products. (Good for you, bad for your bank balance!)
  • Great way to meet people


  • Dealing with rude customers
  • Hour cuts can be common

 University Jobs

Don’t forget there are many job opportunities at the university campus. From working at student union bars to representing your university in the local community or acting as a campus tour guide for prospective students.

But as with any job, there are pros and cons to consider before applying for a job at your university. 


  • Flexible hours that work around your studies
  • Good pay
  • Convenient


  • Competition for roles
  • Long periods of time spent on campus

 Waiter/ Waitress

The hospitality sector is a big student employer. Restaurants and cafes are always on the hunt for part-time waiters to work evenings and weekends – perfect for student workers! 


  • Interact with a diverse mix of people
  • Flexible hours
  • Generous tips can increase pay


  • Usually involves working weekends
  • May have to deal with difficult customers

 Mystery Shopper

One of the more unconventional student jobs, mystery shopping is designed to help local stores and restaurants become better places for consumers. Your role would involve visiting local stores to evaluate your customer experience. And best of all, you get paid for it!

Sound too good to be true? Take a look for yourself. 


  • Paid to shop
  • Very flexible working hours
  • No office hours, assignments are usually posted online.


  • Inconsistent pay – not based on salary so pay not guaranteed
  • Might need to work for multiple companies to secure a steady income
  • Beware of scams – some companies pretend to be mystery shopper companies and ask you to pay a signup fee.

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