Back shot of people sat on top deck of a double dekcer bus in the UK

Living off campus has many advantages but commuting to university can get tiring, especially when the journey is relatively time consuming.

But, can you make this time more productive when you’re a student? Absolutely! Below, we explore all the possible ways to make the most out of your university commute.

Organise your Schedule  

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Students are bombarded with lectures, seminars, tutorials and independent study time – not to mention all those social events…so yes, things can get a little hectic.

The easiest way to tackle that university workload is to keep a study schedule. You don’t need to stick to this religiously, but noting down everything you need to do provides you with a daily checklist.

So, if your morning commute involves a bus or train, why not get off to a good start and write down a to-do list? A great way to maintain structure in your busy student lifestyle.  


Student reading university textbook on brown table

A popular choice for morning commuters is to pick up a book. Now, university students have a long list of books to read (especially if you’re doing an arts subject). Whether its grappling with Shakespeare’s finest works, re-reading your favourite novel or making a head start with your course reading list.

Want to avoid trekking around campus with a bag full of heavy textbooks? Jump on the E-book bandwagon. Simply download books onto your phone or tablet, and have your favourite reads in the palm of your hand.

Do University Work    

Student taking study notes at desk

Okay, this probably sounds like the most unattractive option, right? We understand doing some work before heading into university for lectures/seminars/tutorials is not an alluring thought, however, it can be a great way of freeing up your time in the evening.

When you’re given an assignment or essay, get started on planning during your journey home. This helps keep you on track and get your workload completed in time for the deadline.

For more tips on how to write that pesky essay, read our guide.


Person looking at camera in front of mac book and iPhone 5S

Ever considered being a student freelancer? If you use your time wisely, that daily commute could earn you some cash. Paid freelance work can be difficult to find, but does exist! Travelling to and from campus is a perfect chance to get those freelance projects completed.  

Simply take your laptop along and get to work. It’s that simple! And if you require an internet connection, use your mobile data as a hotspot to connect (but you might want to invest in a bigger data package).

For an idea on what freelancing positions are available, look at 9 popular freelancing jobs for students.  


Man on his bike cycling across bridge on commute

Looking for an alternative to public transport? Students commuting to campus could choose to walk or cycle instead to dodge the bus queues.

Squeezing in some morning exercise before your university timetable begins will leave you feeling alert and invigorated for the day ahead. Here at TSN, we always encourage students to follow a healthy lifestyle and exercise is key to staying fit.

Binge on Social Media  

Man stood on train platform looking at samsung phone

Social media can be the main student downfall when it comes to work distractions. So, your daily commute could be used to get all social media disruptions out of your system. Scroll down your Facebook timeline, indulge in Instagram inspiration or find out what’s going on in the world via Twitter.

The idea is once you arrive at campus you’ll have exhausted all social media channels and will be ready to concentrate on lectures without the temptation of getting your phone out every five minutes…(maybe).

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